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Real Estate Asset Management Service
Pinnacle has a proven track record of managing NPL and ROPA portfolios in the Philippines, from underwriting, valuation and due diligence through operations to sales and marketing and disposition.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals and licensed practitioners (brokers and appraisers). With our sound policies and procedures, global best practices and processes, and industry experience, we are confident in our ability to provide a high-quality service that helps maximize the return on your non-performing assets.

As the professional provider of Real Estate Asset Management, we can help you in multiple areas:
  • Monitor portfolio performance compared with operating budget and annual asset budget.
  • Make recommendations on list prices, auction prices, quick sale values and internal values on Assets. Propose best prices to maximize returns to investors.
  • Track trends in local property markets and ensure the investors are well informed of any market changes.
  • Communicate and coordinate activities among broker networks, auction houses, media outlets and other agents and sales channels.
  • Oversee sales efforts and track sales status including all offers received from buyers and third-party brokers, agents and referrers.
  • Oversee and handle all sales and lease negotiations.
  • Provide recommendations and prepare approval documents for all purchase and lease offers received.
  • Preparation of agreements and documentation relating to disposition and leasing of Assets, including Deed of Absolute Sale, Notice of Approval, Contract to Sell, Lease Contract and other closing documents.
  • Oversee asset repairs, maintenance and inspection in conjunction with building administration and property management vendors.
  • Monitor delivery of property management and technical services to the tenants.
  • Monitoring of tenant handover/ hand back of units.
  • Perform regular site inspections on all assets (if practical and as required)
  • Keep proper books and records for each Asset, and provide property accountant with the necessary information to prepare investors’ accounting books and records, in coordination with the investors’ auditor and accountant.
  • Monitor status and facilitate payment of insurance, real estate taxes and association dues.
  • Assess and provide needs for caretakers and security guards.
  • Track actual Asset collections and expenses including tax payments and receipts, insurance payments and other Asset related collection and expenses.
  • Provide the investors with detailed monthly reporting on sales and leasing activities and other operational reports as agreed upon in final Asset Management Agreement.
  • Document custody and safekeeping.
  • Control, monitor and report on the activity of any funds held in trust by Pinnacle.
  • Assist the investors in annual third-party audits.
  • Preparing Asset related documents and information for litigation purposes. Monitor all asset related litigations, in coordination with appointed local legal counsel.
  • If applicable, obtain third-party valuations for Assets.
  • If applicable, arrange for Owner structural inspection, life safety inspections, inspections for purposes of determining compliance with applicable laws and regulations, appraisals and other reviews on the Assets.


Need help? Feel free to contact our Asset Management Team

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