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Electro-Mech Technician - Cebu City

Job Title: Electro-Mech Technician

Job Description:

• Perform Daily Inspections of Building Utilities
 - Inspect all lights and replace as needed.
 - Inspect all utilities and repair as needed.
 - Conduct follow-up inspection after all completed projects and repairs.
 - Report all major incidents to the Building Engineer.

• Perform Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Maintenance
 - Schedule major services when needed for electrical, plumbing and mechanical works
 - Schedule routine for electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire protection system
 - Conduct general repairs such as painting, patching walls, security hardware, hanging shelves and landscaping

• Perform Building Inspections for Safety
 - Thoroughly inspect all hallways and walk ways between office for hazards
 - Check all doors and access areas for easy usability, report all problems
 - Maintain specified clearance level from Sprinkler Heads
 - Ensure all contractors are working safely for themselves and others
 - Coordinate renovations of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities


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