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Assistant Manager- Property Management

Job Title: Assistant Manager-Property Management
Section/Department: Property Management
Reports to: Director, Property Management

Duties and Responsibilities:


- Administer, manage, physically maintain and be responsible for the general upkeep of the common areas of the Subject Property'

- Develop and recommend management plans for the operation and management, capital asset preservation, upgrade and enhancement, as well as general enhancement of property value for consideration of the client, insofar as it may be practicable and feasible under the circumstances within three (3) months from the from the commencement of engagement.

- Develop, implement and strictly enforce building policies, rules and regulations including appropriate penalties and sanctions in case of violation or breach thereof. The waiver, suspension, or modification of such policies, rules and regulations on reasonable or justifiable occasions or under exceptional cases, shall be subject to the approval of the client. 

- Maintain, monitor and provide the client, upon request, an updated registry of members with their appurtenant interests, and tenancy/occupancy schedule;

- Exercise due diligence in recording and reporting facts eligible for an insurance claim, and with the approval of the client advise the insurance company/ies or broker/s concerned regarding such events or incidents eligible for a claim, or otherwise necessary for the protection of rights of the client as the assured party in connection with the subject property

- In coordination with the client, conduct a regular routine inspection as well as periodic random inspection of interior and exterior portion of the subject property, except in restricted areas unless exigency demand otherwise, as part of ordinary supervisory maintenance procedures, which routine inspection may extend to occupied and/or leased premises upon request or when exigency demands, provided, that inspection of occupied and/or leased premises shall be undertaken in the presence of the lessee/occupant or the duly authorized representative thereof.

- Maintain a registry of complaints, requests, suggestions, events or other controversies relating to the subject property and the client, including those pertaining to security or any other related service that the client may suggest to the incumbent, and in consultation with the client, address the controversy by determining the real issues and the preliminary settling matter, subject to the appropriate jurisdiction should preliminary settlement remain unsatisfactory to the parties concerned. 

- Develop and implement in the course of professional engagement a responsive resource management program that will control cost through optimum utilization of resources such as labor, materials and utilities within three (3) months from the commencement of engagement.

- Ensure that all activities undertaken by the incumbent shall be deemed most economical, safe, hygienic and orderly manner of operation based on careful evaluation of manifest factors and circumstances.

- Carry out regular operational, technical, security and safety audits of the property as matter of prescribed routine every month, except in restricted areas declared by the client in accordance with the requirements of law or as when the client or any legitimate unit occupant so requires and/or when the circumstances so warrant.

- Obtain and keep a full force and effect all licenses, permits, consents, and authorization as may be necessary for the maintenance, operation, management, repair, servicing of occupancy of the subject property. All of such licenses, permits, consents, and authorizations shall be in the name of the client.

- Conduct materials inventory, update of asset registry and develop a materials inventory system within three (3) months from the commencement of engagement.

- Advise the client in writing of any relevant legislation that may come to his knowledge which has been determined to have an effect upon the client and its management.

- Supervise and regularly assess performance, effectiveness, and responsiveness of supplied services of third party service contractors, report and make written recommendations to the client whether for its improvement, modification, reduction, expansion or replacement of scope and contractor.

- Call for and evaluate bids of contractual services for matters requiring specialist maintenance, security and housekeeping requirements for the property, and recommend for approval of the client the options and alternatives available thereto.

- Recommend hiring of consultants, advisers and contractors as may be reasonably necessary for the proper and effective management of the subject property.


- Prepare an Annual Operating Expense Budget (OPEX) for the approval of the client together with the Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) requirements by October of each year. The incumbent shall likewise prepare for a mid-year review of the approved budget for presentation to the client every January of each year. The incumbent shall keep the operating expenses within the limits of the approved budget.
- Keep and maintain proper records and procedures of all financial transactions and duly report to the client relevant data and information in a clear and uniform procedure on a monthly basis. This shall include: Annual: Cash Flow and P&L Statements; Monthly: P&L Statements including supporting schedules, Budget Variance Analysis, Cash Flow Projections, Statement of Capital Expenditures; Weekly: Cash Position, Collection Report and Accounts Receivable.
- Develop and implement appropriate billing and collection system responsive to the requirements of the client for purposes of collecting common area maintenance dues, special assessments, utilities charges and other charges within one (1) month upon commencement of engagement. The incumbent shall be responsible for billing and invoicing tenants for the collection of said dues and assessments.
- Collect and receive for and in behalf of the client all monies payable by way of common area maintenance dues or otherwise, in respect of the client's operation and shall deposit the same within the next banking day from the date of collection to the designated depository bank of the client.
- Cause the preparation of all payment requisitions for approval and signature of the client's authorized signatories for the payments on a timely basis of the expenditures or disbursements against the client's account as herein below described:


• College Level Education
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• People management skills
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications
• Keen attention to detail
• Fluent in English and Tagalog 

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